Customer-flow. Supercharged!

Customer flow. Supercharged! Customer flow,
Next generation queueing & booking Next generation
queuing and booking
Optimize, improve  & earn more Optimize, improve
& earn more
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Online Queuing & Booking Software

We upgrade & automate your existing queuing or appointment booking systems,
providing customers easy access to services through your company’s website/app on all devices.
  • Superior Customer Service & Experience

  • Eliminated Queuing Problems

  • Optimized Management Resources

  • Service Intelligence & Analytics

Our software

Remote Queuing System
Online Appointment Booking System

Out-of-the-box or custom-built solutions for organizations of any size, specifically adjusted for industries with high-security and service requirements.

Key Benefits

Organized & Safe
Customer Flow
Operational Costs
Happier Customers
& Reduced Complaints
Eliminated Waiting
Area Congestion
Direct Customer
Easy Transition
to Online Offerings

Safety during COVID-19
with great customer experience

Empower your visitors with easy, safe access to your services
eliminating the stress of physical queuing while increasing the satisfaction rate.
Avoid businesses with long queues
of an excellent customer service is a short waiting time
of customers are not prepared to wait in a queue

Key features & tools

Mobile-first, modern, simple, user-friendly booking systems that can do it all.
Real-time Bookings

Virtual queuing & booking
with real-time availability


Front desk 24/7 available
in over 140 languages

Priority Lines

Prioritize customer groups of your choice

Mobile Friendly

Great user experience
on all devices (mobile-first)

Qticket app key features & tools
Alerts & Reminders

Sends automated reminders about upcoming visits & inquiries

Mapping & Availability

Shows nearest branches
& real-time status

User Authentication

With phone number, e-mail,
or other of your preference

Simple Integration

Connected to your
existing booking system

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we customize according to your individual requirements.

Optimization & Insights

Intelligence & Analytics

Dive into the data and improve your service.

The most valuable indirect benefits from our system are the data
insights & summaries.
We offer a variety of metrics and data on detailed visitor activity, trends, branch performance, and other deep KPIs. You can see monthly, weekly, or even hourly reports.

Branch Load Management

Optimize your resources and get more done.

A queuing system helps to redirect customers to a branch with shorter wait times. This manages peak times and organically redistributes visitor traffic throughout the day.
As a result, you can optimize your human resources, serve more visitors, stay stress-free, and deliver a superb customer service experience.


Receive instant accounts from visitors on their experience.

Easily customize questions, survey your walk-in customers, view auto-generated reports, and use the data for market research, and improved decision making.
Create custom rules and conditional logic to get feedback from specific locations, age groups, or ask different questions at different times.

Custom-built for All Industries

Designed for all businesses and organizations. Tailor-made for the financial, medical, and public sectors.

Improve customer experience, service and accessibility

Studies show that the Nr.1 aspect of great customer experience is easy accessibility with short waiting times. Qticket solutions do exactly that, facilitate information of the nearest branches, real-time waiting predictions, remote queuing, and easy, stress-free 24/7 access to appointment booking. 

Priority customer service and empowered safety

Qticket virtual queuing eliminates real-time waiting lines by up to 70% and provides your business clients with speedy priority access to your services limiting unnecessary gatherings.

A bridge for a smooth transition to digital services

Long queues in branches won’t motivate your customers to shift to online services. Qticket system naturally redirects customers to your website for services available online. Improving transfer to online offerings.

Reduced no-shows

Our booking system sends out multiple automated reminders about upcoming appointments with built-in cancelation and time change buttons. Solving the problem of no-show bookings by up to 70% and increases daily turnover.

For up to 70% less phone calls

Implementing our online appointment booking system and making reservations available 24/7 practically eliminates the need for phone call bookings empowering your staff to spent working hours more efficiently.


Optimized resources and supercharged customer flow

Our queuing and booking solutions help to redistribute visitors’ traffic evenly throughout the day and redirects customers to nearby branches, allowing to serve more visitors daily with fewer resources. 

Easiest Integration Ever

We adapt our solutions to your individual needs by integrating with your existing queue management or booking system, allowing you to improve without purchasing new hardware and avoid unnecessary expenses or employee training.


Uses the latest Microsoft Azure technology.


Secure data exchange channels & data encryption.

24/7 Support

Available to you at any time.

Frequent Updates

Always operate with the most up to date software version.

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